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Grain to Glass Series: Barrel Aging & Sours

November 8, 2017

If you haven’t read the first seven posts in this series, hop back to “Grain to Glass Series Introduction,” “Grain to Glass Series: Packaging,” “Grain to Glass Series: Tap Room,” “Grain to Glass Series: Lab,” Grain to Glass Series: Brewing,” “Grain to Glass Series: Cellar” and “Grain to Glass Series: Hop Selection,” and THEN come here!

While we’ve always dabbled in barrel-aged and sour beers, the demand for our year-round brews (like Hop Drop ‘N Roll) was too large for us to dive into these programs in our early years; however, with the addition of our North End location in 2015, our ability to invest more time into these programs expanded exponentially. As the brewing of our year-round beers transferred to our new production facility, our original location’s brewhouse (also known as “OG”) not only became the home to our NoDable beer series (a BRAND NEW beer that’s released every single Tuesday), but it allowed for the expansion of both our barrel-aged and sour programs.

Our sour program, Boba Brett Sour Project, made its official debut in May and has since been welcomed with open arms from sour lovers throughout the Carolinas. You can read more about the program in this two part introduction series: Part 1 and Part 2.

Bart Roberts, the brewer (or as we call him, OG Funkmaster) who oversees development and production of all the beers at OG is extremely passionate about creating small batch brews that give consumers the opportunity to discover and taste a myriad of beer styles. We’ll let Bart take it away from here as he walks you through our barrel-aged and sour programs:

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