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Grain to Glass Series: Cellar

September 27, 2017

If you haven’t read the first five posts in this series, hop back to “Grain to Glass Series Introduction,” “Grain to Glass Series: Packaging,” “Grain to Glass Series: Tap Room,” “Grain to Glass Series: Lab” and Grain to Glass Series: Brewing,” and THEN come here!

If you watched our last video on brewing, you might think that the beer goes straight from that process into our kegs and cans… BUT WAIT, there’s more! This week’s video focuses on the work that happens in the cellar after the brewing’s begun and before the kegging/canning starts.

While there are many elements to the work that occurs in the cellar, our Head Brewer/Co-Owner, Chad Henderson, will be covering two of the main functions: the CIP system and the centrifuge. Wondering what that means? Don’t worry, Chad has you covered in the video below!

Each and every aspect, or “grain to glass,” if you will, of the brewery is incredibly important to a quality product and experience, but the cellar plays an vital role in fine-tuning our beer. You have the processes that take place in this section of the brewery to thank for clean, consistent and polished beer. So, the next time you sip on a NoDa beer (maybe while you’re watching this video?), say a little thank you to our cellarman for bringing together such deliciously refined brews!

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