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Grain to Glass Series: Hop Selection

October 6, 2017

If you haven’t read the first six posts in this series, hop back to “Grain to Glass Series Introduction,” “Grain to Glass Series: Packaging,” “Grain to Glass Series: Tap Room,” “Grain to Glass Series: Lab,” Grain to Glass Series: Brewing” and “Grain to Glass Series: Cellar,” and THEN come here!

This week’s video topic might come as surprise to some; We don’t just call a hop farm and place an order for our hops, we actually go straight to the source ourselves. This process is called “hop selection,” and our Co-Owner/Head Brewer Chad Henderson decided to take you with him this year.

In mid-September, Chad made his way out to Yakima, Washington and Woodburn, Oregon, to select our hops for the 2018 harvest. While we make all kinds of brews (we’re talkin’ 30+ beers in the tap room), we are really known for our hoppy beers (Hop Drop ‘N Roll, Good Will Hopping, Sticky When Wet, etc.), so the hop selection process is incredibly important to us. Each year, we have to individually select the hops that are as close to the previous year’s hops, so that we can produce another year of consistently good beer.

Since Chad will be walking you through the hop selection process step-by-step, we’ll leave it here and let him do the rest of the talking:

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