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Hop Drop ‘N Roll Expands to 12oz Cans In a 12 Pack Carton

January 19, 2023

Nearly 10 years ago we led the charge for 16oz cans to become the industry standard in Charlotte. As our footprint and audience has grown across both North Carolina and South Carolina, we have come to realize that our products need to evolve in order to serve our new customers but also continue serving those that have been with us since the beginning.

Today, we are announcing that Hop Drop ‘N Roll®, our flagship IPA, is expanding into a 12oz 12 pack format in addition to still being available in 16oz cans. This new format will be available in the Charlotte and Raleigh markets, Monday, January 30th and in the rest of the Carolina markets in the coming weeks.

"This new packaging format for Hop Drop will allow our customers’ dollars to go further at a time when everything seems to be costing more and shoppers are focused on value more than ever," said Jacob Virgil, Director of Strategic Development of NoDa Brewing Company. "We believe this will attract new customers to the award-winning Hop Drop brand and give another option to those that have been with us since day one.  We’ve always been about helping to create community through the enjoyment of beer.  This new format will more easily allow customers to do just that.”

In 2023, more SKUs will be expanding into a similar format. Soon you will be able to find Hopsadaisical, our laid back IPA, and Lager Days, our craft lager, in the 12oz 12 pack format. At the end of January, we will also be releasing Lil SLURP, our newest IPA coming in a 12oz 6 pack format. The expansion into 12oz cans is just the start of exciting innovation to come this year.

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