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NoDa Brewing Company…Where Diversity is Brewed & Inclusion is Served

October 7, 2021

We’ve grown in many ways the past decade – in staff, taprooms, distribution, and beers! And also in another aspect – diversity; diversity among our brew family, our customers, vendors, events, and organizations we support. We’re proud to have employees who are diverse and value diversity. As a company, we’re guided by many of what we call FUNdamentals and we’d like to share our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) one with you…

“Embrace an Intentionally Diverse and Inclusive Culture Through Awareness: Be an example, advocate, and ally to promote a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment within ourselves and our community. Actively learn, share, and bring awareness. Be the change you want to see.”

We’re placing diversity front and center behind the scenes and more evidently for all to see in our latest mural. It has an interesting story…

Once upon a time a fairly small brewery renovated an old factory so it could share more of its passion. Murals were painted by different artists. One of the murals included portraits of the employees who worked there at the time. There was diversity among them as far as gender, orientation, and other things, but no people of color. Those people are now behind a beautiful new mural that represents so much diversity!

The local artist is the very same, the talented visionary Carla Garrison-Mattos. She actually used to be the run club manager and a bartender, and is now a full time artist. She was elated to paint over her decade old work, and said it may be her most meaningful mural yet.

What do you see in this mural? If you take a close look you will find symbols of Latinx and Asian American & Pacific Islander cultures in a sizzling sun and a field of lotus flowers. You will find symbols of the elderly, the hearing and visually impaired, and those with atypical neurological gifts. The nine hands of various skin tones contain a hidden message, unless you know (ASL) American Sign Language…D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y.

We’re excited, as employees, to enjoy this everyday, and even happier to share our spirit of diversity, equity, and inclusion with the world, or at least our little part of it. We welcome everyone to share a pint with us.

You belong at NoDa Brewing.

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