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NoDa Brewing Adds pūrGenix® UV Air Purification to Taproom

December 18, 2020

NoDa Brewing Company is pleased to announce their partnership with pūrGenix® with the installation of a UV air purification system in their North End taproom. This technology is designed to create safer, healthier places for people in all buildings, including taprooms.

“We at pūrGenix® share NoDa Brewing Company’s commitment to your safety by bringing pūrBuilding™ to the North End taproom, the first pūrBuilding™ in North Carolina,” said Sam Perkins, CEO of pūrGenix®. “By design, pūrBuilding™ attacks COVID-19 in the air systems making all the other precautions that NoDa Brewing is taking work even better. They care about the health and safety of their employees and customers and this is another effective step they are taking to ensure that.”

NoDa Brewing Company has taken as many measures as possible to ensure their employees and customers feel safe. Touchless hand sanitizer stations, hands free menus, and a drive-thru operation are just a few of those measures.

“Our team is excited to announce that our taproom at NoDa Brewing now offers the same sophisticated air filtration system used in many elite hospitals,” said Todd Ford, Founder/Co-Owner of NoDa Brewing Company. “Thanks to our partners at pūrGenix® we now use this purifying technology making our taproom the first certified pūrBuilding™ in North Carolina. When you see the pūrBuilding™ emblem on our door you can be assured that your health and safety are our number one priority.”

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