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NoDa Brewing Company unveils exciting brand refresh for a new era

February 12, 2024

This news comes as NoDa nears completion of major facility upgrades; follows significant shift in distribution practices 

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (February 12, 2024) NoDa Brewing Company, one of Charlotte’s pioneering breweries, announces a significant brand refresh, marking a new era for the popular Queen City craft beer company. 

This brand refresh represents a strategic move by NoDa Brewing Co. to attract both younger consumers and newcomers to craft beer, while still appealing to their core customers. With the ambition of becoming “the beer of the Carolinas,” NoDa Brewing Co. is extending its reach beyond traditional craft enthusiasts. The company undertook a deliberate and creative process beginning in October 2022 to invigorate its brand, aiming to connect with a wider and more diverse audience.

“Our brand was feeling a bit dated and we felt like we needed something that was a better reflection of the future we envision,” says Jacob Virgil, director of strategic development. "We're breathing new life into the brand to be more inclusive and appealing to all, from casual beer drinkers to devoted craft aficionados.”

The refresh features a fresh, bold visual identity. NoDa Brewing Co.’s logo has been redesigned for clarity and impact. Beer packaging will showcase vibrant colors and artistic illustrations, with half of the can dedicated to the beer's name and the other half to new artwork. This change emphasizes the artsy and edgy qualities of the brewery’s namesake neighborhood.

Despite these visual changes, the company’s mission, vision and values remain unchanged. 

"We are the same brewery, making the same great beer, just with a new look," Virgil emphasizes.

The decision for this refresh was fueled by comprehensive research and feedback, conducted in partnership with CODO Design, an Indianapolis-based food and beverage branding firm.

Customers can expect to see new packaging rolling out this month. NoDa Brewing Co. will seamlessly transition to the new design, utilizing existing inventory before fully adopting the new packaging.

To mark this milestone, the brewery will host a party on Saturday, February 17, where customers will enjoy half-priced draft beers all day, entertainment, like a car smash, and more, plus a chance to win free beer for a year. Visit NoDa’s event page for more details:

In addition to the brand refresh, the brewery is nearing completion of 16,000 square feet of dry storage and additional dock space for shipping and receiving. 

“In 2023, we grew almost 25% in volume of beer sold,” explains Virgil. “We’ve been stretched to the point of breaking at the peak of the growth.  Every day is a giant game of supply chain Tetris. We plan to continue growing in 2024 and beyond, and this space will allow us to do that so we can better serve our customers across the Carolinas.” 

This news follows the company’s strategic shift in distribution in the Raleigh Durham area last year and the Charlotte area this year to accommodate its rapid growth throughout the Carolinas.

For more information, please visit:

NoDa Brewing Company

With a collective passion for home brewing and exemplary craft beer, Suzie Ford (President & Co-Founder), Todd Ford (Vice President & Co-Founder), and Chad Henderson (Head Brewer & Co-Owner) teamed up in 2011 to create NoDa Brewing Co., a craft brewing identity that would connect to and grow alongside their beloved city of Charlotte. In 2014, NoDa Brewing Co.'s Hop Drop 'N Roll IPA clinched the gold in the IPA category at the World Beer Cup, putting the brewery on the map. Since then, NoDa Brewing Co. has won many national and international awards. Today you can find NoDa Brewing Co. in all major retailers, and local bars and restaurants throughout the Carolinas. For additional details and the latest updates, visit: Stay connected with us on social media – follow @nodabrewing on Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter), and join our community on Facebook at:

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Hank Sforzini 


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